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1st Grade Music
Instructor: White, Marnie   

Welcome to the Aspen Elementary School Music Website!

The AES music program engages students in a variety of musical activities which are designed to develop their musical “intelligence” while enhancing and supporting the academic curriculum. Our program is based on the Kodály music education methodology. Our program is aligned with the Colorado State music standards, and also enhances 21st century skills with critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

Students will develop rhythmic and melodic literacy, including performing, reading and writing these concepts. They demonstrate this literacy through singing and playing instruments, developing abilities that will enable them to continue on the musical instrument (including voice) of their choice in middle school and high school. Students develop mastery of reading, writing and performing age-appropriate music in our program.

Singing is an extremely important part of the music curriculum. The Kodály philosophy believes that since we all have a voice, it should be developed as our primary instrument. All students can learn to sing in tune, in their head voice, so that everyone can be comfortable using their voice to be tuneful singers.

All children attend music class for 30 minutes every three days. Your child will be an active participant in the Colorado State Music Standards, which include singing (alone and with others), playing instruments (alone and with others), creating music, listening and evaluating music (including the correct use of vocabulary), and relating music to various historical and cultural traditions.

What does that all really mean?

As we finish our first semester of first grade music, your child is comfortable with the concepts of dynamics (high/low), tempo (fast/slow), and pitch (as high and low sounds and the direction of the moving notes). They can read the rhythms quarter notes, quarter rests, and paired eighth notes. Click here to see an example of some rhythms your child can perform (and ask them to do it for you!).

As we move into second semester, we are starting to work more closely with the concept of pitch. We are learning that music can move by step or by skip, and we will learn the concept of
solfege, which gives each note in the scale a name, like in the song "Doe a Deer." By the end of the year, your first grader will be able to read and write the melody for three-note songs (sol, mi and la). These concepts will be experienced through songs, rhymes, listening, movement activities and storytelling. First graders will also continue to work with small percussion instruments, and will begin to learn about tone color and the instruments of the orchestra with the famous piece Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

Free Family Events at the Aspen Music Festival!
The Aspen Music Festival has published its list of Free Family Events for the summer. It is available here: 
Events include Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale (July 10) and Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals (August 14), as well as various hands-on sessions and fun events. You can also sign up on the page above to recieve emails from the festival about kid-specific events. 
In addition, children ages 3 to 12 can attend any regular event or concert for only $5!! Contact the box office for more information.

Finally, the festival also offers private lessons on various instruments for just $21 for a half hour lesson. Click here for details. 
Please visit the music webpage for information about what your First Grade student is learning in music class!
Please click here to see more information about what your child is learning in music class.
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Discussion Topics
 1st Grade Rhythm Example.pdf
Here is a rhythm your first grade student can perform for you!

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